Industries We Cover

The Dynamic Insurance Services team are service professionals, and we’re here to assist you. 

Whatever your industry or stage of development, we will tailor an insurance program to suit your business.

We have extensive experience with a range of different professions and industries. The following are just a few of the many occupations and industries we can assist with:

Security Industry

We understand that security professionals have unique insurance needs. Dynamic Insurance Services provides insurance assistance for all types of security work. Activities may include:

  • • Cash Carry
  • • Guns and Dogs
  • • Security Training
  • • Crowd Control
  • • Traffic Controlling
  • • Static Guarding
  • • Alarm monitoring and response
  • • Bodyguards
  • • Airport Security
  • • Debt Collectors
  • • Security system installation and consultants
  • • Mobile Patrols

Information Technology

There are business insurance packages available specifically for IT occupations, where both Professional Liability and Public Liability are covered in the one policy. This policy is usually more cost effective and eliminates the gaps in cover which can occur when two separate policies are taken out.

  • • Retail Software
  • • Retail Hardware
  • • Hardware repair, maintenance and installation
  • • IT Consultants
  • • Internet and Web Services
  • • Systems Analysis & Audit
  • • Telecommunication Services
  • • Data Processing
  • • Project Management
  • • Software Design
  • • Forensics

Restaurants, Cafes and Hospitality Industry

Hospitality business insurance is as diverse as hospitality businesses themselves. In an industry that operates around strict codes of health and safety, Dynamic Insurance Services can ensure you’re always covered, no matter how big or small your business.

  • • Loss of stock
  • • Theft and vandalism
  • • Property damage

Hotels and Pubs

Insurance for hotels and pubs is very distinct from insurance for other hospitality and service industry businesses. Dynamic Insurance Services can assist with the insurance needs of hotels and pubs Australia-wide. We can help you understand all of the insurance requirements relating to your business and provide expert advice around ways to manage risk and liability.

  • • Insurance for pubs, with and without cooking facilities
  • • Insurance for hotels and taverns, with and without accommodation
  • • Bed and Breakfasts

Civil Contractors

Insurance for civil contractors is complex and diverse, and must safeguard one of the most unpredictable and potentially one of the riskiest professions in the industry. At the mercy of the weather, the terrain and every minor mechanical problem and safety requirement, your civil contracting business can rely on Dynamic Insurance Services to give you peace of mind while carrying out your work.

  • • Civil construction works for the residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Leisure Industry and Amusement Operators

Leisure and amusement businesses operate under some of the strictest industry safety requirements, and with the most diverse and unpredictable client base! We understand the challenges of this industry and can help with finding the right insurance for you.

  • • Bouncy Castles and specialty amusement equipment/rides
  • • Amusement Ride Operators
  • • Go Karts
  • • Children’s Parties

Mining Industry

The mining industry includes many independent contractors, and based on the terms of their contract, these contractors may be required to protect themselves through Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Personal Accident and Sickness. They may need to cover their own property, such as motor vehicles, machinery and tools of trade. Mining activities include, but are not limited to:

  • • Maintenance, repair and supply of underground machinery
  • • Project management
  • • Specialist underground contracting services
  • • On-site drilling & blasting
  • • Earthmoving & excavation
  • • Plant operators
  • • Supervisory work
  • • Underground work

Trades Insurance

Insurance for tradespersons is not only a vital safety net, it’s often a requirement for them to be allowed onto a worksite. There are few professions that rely so heavily on personal presence and expertise on the job, and we can make sure your business is never left vulnerable due to unforeseen illness, injury or loss of tools and equipment. The trades industry includes the following occupations:

  • • Plumbers
  • • Cleaners
  • • Builders
  • • Bricklayers and brick pavers
  • • Painters
  • • Electricians
  • • Concreters
  • • Gardeners and landscapers

Transport Industry

The transport industry is the lifeblood of Australian businesses, and Dynamic Insurance Services understand the specific considerations and working conditions of the transport market. We work closely with transportation business, explaining all the pitfalls and find the best approach to transport and logistics insurance for your business.

  • • Road Transport
  • • Rail Transport
  • • Sea Transport
  • • Air Transport
  • • Storage and Warehousing

Dynamic Insurance Services can mould an insurance program for whatever your business needs. For insurance that fits your business, in any industry, please give us a call.